Land East of Gypsum Way/The Orchards, Gotham

Consultation Website

Welcome to our consultation website.

Davidsons is currently promoting Land East of Gypsum Way/The Orchards, Gotham for residential use and is in the process of preparing a full planning application which will be submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council shortly. Davidsons are keen to inform local people about the proposals and obtain thoughts and suggestions in relation to the development of the site.

You can send us your comments via the online comments form on this website.  Alternatively, you can post any comments to:

Land East of Gypsum Way

Gotham Consultation

Marrons Planning

Shakespeare Martineau, Waterfront Plaza

Waterfront House, 35 Station St

Nottingham, NG2 3DQ


Please send us your comments by midnight on Thursday 10th October 2019.

Your views will be taken into account when refining our proposals. It is our intention to submit a detailed planning application in October 2019. When the planning application has been submitted, you will also have the opportunity to provide your comments to Rushcliffe Borough Council.

About Davidsons

Davidsons Developments is a family owned company based at Ibstock in Leicestershire. Established in 2007, the family has been building homes under a well-known brand for three generations. Our design approach is based on seeking to reflect the qualities of traditional towns and villages that make places distinctive, memorable and loved. We pride ourselves on delivering well-crafted homes that collectively sit together to create beautiful streets and spaces.